Thursday, May 25th 2017

It's been good days. It's been nice days. It's been cloudy days. It's been rainy days. It's been music days. It's been writing days. It's been his days. It's been my days. It's been sad days. It's been happy days. It's been tired days. It's been long days. It's been short days.     All... Continue Reading →


Thursday, April 13th 2017 

Good Afternoon guys 🌞 I found this photo quote on instagram & it immediately struck me. I don't usually like super personal quotes like this... I usually post more broad, universal quotes just because they apply to everyone directly. But this one I really liked because I have a message for it 💕  Everyone, everywhere... Continue Reading →

Saturday, April 8th 2017 

I wanted to share this photo with a message today 🙂 These days a lot of people are so focused on "not giving a fuck" when really, we need to be caring a lot.  Obviously, the world only changes when someone stands up & changes it. If we all just sit back & continue not... Continue Reading →

Tuesday, April 4th 2017 

Good Afternoon guys! 🌞 Man oh man! The weather here in Las Vegas, Nevada has been so crazy. Cold to hot. Hot to cold. Windy to hot. Hot to stormy. So weird 😥  The last couple of days have been eventful!  Sunday was super fun ♡  Me, my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, & our... Continue Reading →

Friday, March 31st 2017 

Good afternoon guys 🌞  This is a little practice writing from my Creative Journal ♡  Not that I'm an artist or that my drawings are good but I really enjoy making my own unique, abstract art 👽 I love that just like everyone else, I have my own originality. To me, gratefulness & compassion are... Continue Reading →

Monday, March 27th 2017 

Weekends are usually "boyfriend days". Technically, everyday is a boyfriend day since Alex & I live together. But on weekdays, our days together get separated half way through for work.  Weekends are obviously my favorite. We spend every second together. We get all our errands done with time to spare for fun ♡  That being... Continue Reading →

Friday, March 24th 2017 

Luckily today I have started off productive 😂 Goodmorning guys! 🌞 How has today treated you so far?  I'm excited to see another Friday ♡  I've been searching my brain for what to write about today but haven't come up with much at all honestly. Thought I'd just dive right into it 😅 Towards the... Continue Reading →

Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Story Time 🙂  Those who know me, know I like to tell my stories. Not that they're fictionous, I just call it story time because I'm telling the story.  How do I explain this right. 😶 Attempt number 2: I have a strong love for media. Not like celebrity news media (lmao) but movies &... Continue Reading →

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017 

Goodmorning guys 🌞 You ever set your alarm early so you have extra time before work but as soon as your alarm goes off you don't give a fuck about having a life, you just wanna have more sleep. That's been me the past 2 weeks.  I'm getting super weary of my job & I'm... Continue Reading →

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