Thursday, May 25th 2017

It’s been good days.

It’s been nice days.

It’s been cloudy days.

It’s been rainy days.

It’s been music days.

It’s been writing days.

It’s been his days.

It’s been my days.

It’s been sad days.

It’s been happy days.

It’s been tired days.

It’s been long days.

It’s been short days.



All in all I have something to be grateful for each & every day.

….. That’s more than I could ever ask for.


Thursday, April 13th 2017 

Good Afternoon guys 🌞

I found this photo quote on instagram & it immediately struck me. I don’t usually like super personal quotes like this… I usually post more broad, universal quotes just because they apply to everyone directly. But this one I really liked because I have a message for it 💕 

Everyone, everywhere has been hurt. & it’s funny I came across this today because this morning my boyfriend & I were talking about this. 

The context of our conversation went around the lines of: “We all have a driven purpose” (or main goal) in life. During this conversation I explained to Alex about my new job & how it’s cool everyone says hello & goodmorning to everyone. Even if they’ve never met them. I explained that random coworkers come up to me everyday and shake my hand & introduce themselves to me. They ask me questions & give advice. For me personally, I have NEVER experienced things like this happening in my work environment but I love it. It’s such an open place of help & teaching. Just a whole new world for me 💕 

So anyway, I explained to Alex that no matter where I’m going (to the bathroom, to training class, to my locker, ect) I keep a smile on my face, & say hello to everyone. 

Since a certian point of my life, I developed a very severe anxiety disorder (diagnosed) which mostly affected me socially. So to rephrase, I have severe social anxiety. This job has helped me 10 fold to conquer my anxieties! 

Back to the point (lol), Alex already knows this but in our conversation this morning I reiterated that my complete goal in my spiritual path is to spread kindness & compassion. Here in this work place, I am learning exactly how to express/initiate this! It’s amazing! I’m working with a very large company with A LOT of employees & so it’s pretty different than what I’m used to (working in a very small work environment, with very little interaction with customers & employees). So I’m very happy 🙏🕉 

When I saw this photo it hit home because it’s exactly why I have chosen as a spiritual path or “driven purpose” to be spread kindness & compassion. People deal with enough in their lives. They do not need another rude & negative person hindering their growth or damaging their successes. 

Everyone has been torn down time & time again. Everyone has trust issues. Everyone has a path. I’ve chosen to build others up because everyone deserves it in my eyes. Everyone deserves a friendly interaction. Everyone deserves to feel safe. And I believe this strongly. 

As I grow, I learn new things. And as a question gets answered a whole world of possibilities arises. I’m so excited to continue my adventure 🌌🙏💕

Message to the readers: 

I apologize if today’s post dragged on. But I really wanted to spread a message to you guys so smile & be friendly in your interactions with others as much as possible. You never know what someone is actually going through in their life… let’s be kind 🕉🌌🙏

Saturday, April 8th 2017 

I wanted to share this photo with a message today 🙂

These days a lot of people are so focused on “not giving a fuck” when really, we need to be caring a lot. 

Obviously, the world only changes when someone stands up & changes it. If we all just sit back & continue not to care, nothing will change. Things will suck. Things will happen we don’t agree with and things will happen that shouldn’t. We need to continue to spread information. Give education & learn as much as possible so we can help each other & the world. Tired of people just sitting back & blowing off important things because they’re lazy. Don’t be a waste. Don’t be a disappointment. 

Live up to your potential 🌌🕉 

You can do anything you set your mind to 💕 

Tuesday, April 4th 2017 

Good Afternoon guys! 🌞

Man oh man! The weather here in Las Vegas, Nevada has been so crazy. Cold to hot. Hot to cold. Windy to hot. Hot to stormy. So weird 😥 

The last couple of days have been eventful! 

Sunday was super fun ♡ 

Me, my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, & our roommates went down to the lake & duuuude it was the most relaxing getaway I’ve been able to have in so long! 💕 swimming, bbqing, reading 😍 it was amazing ♡ 

It’s so nice to get away from the city… 

Yesterday was super fun too. It was my sisters birthday & we all went out to a fun little arcade bar & they had some awesome games there. Although I live in the biggest Gambling city in America… I’d much rather play arcade games than gamble 😂 

Today, I’m chilling at work until 5… this is my last week at this job 🙂💕 I’m so thankful for the changes come soon near me. Starting a new job, progressing in life, going back to school to work on my career ♡ 

I’m not one to “brag” about my life, or shove it into people’s faces but I’m just proud of myself. For those people who have seen most of my life & watched me be hit by several obstacles, they are proud of where I’m at too. ❤

I didn’t think I’d make it to live to be 18. Now I’m here 21 & thriving. I’m so amazed & so happy I was able to turn my life around. Finally I make my own decisions & I make the right ones. I’m in an extremely loving relationship & I push myself forward everyday. I’m so thankful for this strength 💕🕉 

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my weekend with you guys 🙂 My experience on WordPress so far has been amazing! I can’t believe people from all over the world are able to read & connect to each other! It’s amazing & it’s beautiful ❤ 

Thankyou to the readers ♡ I appreciate you guys 😇

Have a splendid day everyone! Remember, when things are looking dark, focus on the light 🌌🕉 

Friday, March 31st 2017 

Good afternoon guys 🌞 

This is a little practice writing from my Creative Journal ♡ 

Not that I’m an artist or that my drawings are good but I really enjoy making my own unique, abstract art 👽

I love that just like everyone else, I have my own originality. To me, gratefulness & compassion are the greatest traits to have ♡ 

The word “vibes” isn’t just a cool slang word to me. It hits home to certain parts of me. Vibes are everywhere. It is theorized that everything in reality is a vibration. Vibe explains music, soul, thoughts, feelings. It’s an amazing expression to describe these things. 

I could go on forever about vibes 😂

Anyway guys, I hope everyone has a great Friday ♡ 

Remember, stay true to you! 💕🕉

Thankyou for reading 🙏🌌

Monday, March 27th 2017 

Weekends are usually “boyfriend days”. Technically, everyday is a boyfriend day since Alex & I live together. But on weekdays, our days together get separated half way through for work. 

Weekends are obviously my favorite. We spend every second together. We get all our errands done with time to spare for fun ♡ 

That being said, I’m usually pretty inactive over the weekend. & I like it that way. The only time I’m ever on my phone is when I’m bored by myself. When I’m with Alex, I forget about my phone completely. 

Just wanted to take my blog writing today & turn it into an appreciation post. 

I’m extremely grateful for the things the universe has brought into my life. My relationship with Alex is my most prized possession. I know it’s taboo but he is my best friend as well as my lover. I’ve never had someone I’ve trusted so much. Someone who put me first above all else. Someone who viewed me as their life partner. Someone who would do anything for me. Someone who not only looked out for me but he looks out for us. 

I look at him & I know I’m home. No matter where we are, if he’s by my side I know I’m home. 

He has opened my eyes to everything. He keeps me sane. He saved me from myself. 

I don’t think these words do justice for the impact he’s had on me & my life. But if I could write or talk for years & years & years… I’m not so sure I could get into enough depth to explain our love. 

Thankyou universe for this gift. I love him ♡ 

Message to the readers: 

We often hear that we should write down or mentally tell ourselves what we are grateful for everyday. 

I’m here to say YES DO IT! 

If we can practice gratefulness for every aspect of our day, we see the world for as it is… beautiful. Life starts to get happier, we start to see clearer. Things don’t anger or frustrate us as easily & hardly as often. 

Take your path & guide yourself! 

You know what you need! Always remember to say thankyou ♡ 

Remember you are appreciated & you are unique ♡ 

Happy day everyone 🌞 

Thankyou for reading 🐞

Friday, March 24th 2017 

Luckily today I have started off productive 😂

Goodmorning guys! 🌞 How has today treated you so far? 

I’m excited to see another Friday ♡ 

I’ve been searching my brain for what to write about today but haven’t come up with much at all honestly. Thought I’d just dive right into it 😅

Towards the end of last year, I started “writing” a “book” for the first time in a long time. I say “writing” & “book” because I actually was typing it on my phone & it was only the starting chapters of a book. 

Anyhow, that phone ended up breaking & I completely lost everything on there OF COURSE EXCEPT MY PICTURES which I would have given up 1000 times over if that story I was writing had survived 😝

This story I wrote was written (in my opinion) so greatly! I used strong personality. The pure excitement & love & passion I had for this story clearly showed all throughout it. It was different than anything I’ve ever read and it was even different from anything I’ve ever written. It was a start of something completely new & completely beautiful. 

But it’s lost now & I decided not to try to rewrite it. 

For the sole purpose of this book was to change things. I knew after losing it, I can go a different route to bring my message clear. So I shall start anew on paper this time. I hardly trust phones at it is. Don’t need another lost book.😉 

Message to the readers: 

As humans we often latch ourselves to material/nonmaterial objects. But we must remember that it doesn’t define us as who we are. Some examples of this personally: superstitions, jewelry, objects like a cellphone or an iPod. Some objects are sentimental as fuck & when we misplace these things or lose them forever, remember readers that they may be lost in realness where you can no longer touch or hold it, but it is never lost in memory. We can always talk about these things & remember the joy & good it had brought us. ♡ 

People, & objects are different. Superstitions & objects are different. 

Superstitions can cause internal harm, & sometimes external harm. These things we must learn to let go.

Objects are replaceable & when they’re not, they are memorable. Talk about them.

People are dear. One person is not like another. They are unique. The pain of losing someone never goes away. But the memories stay and they are cherished. ♡ 

Talk about these things that matter to you often. For you don’t know when they will be lost. 🙏❤🕉

Love yourself, let your voice be heard. 

Stay positive everyone! 

Thankyou so much for reading ♡ 

Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Story Time 🙂 

Those who know me, know I like to tell my stories. Not that they’re fictionous, I just call it story time because I’m telling the story. 

How do I explain this right. 😶

Attempt number 2: I have a strong love for media. Not like celebrity news media (lmao) but movies & tv shows, books, stand up comedy. I love to write & draw & create. So when I’m telling an event that had happened, I call it story time. 

BAM. There it is. Moving on 😂

Anyway, last week my grandparents came into town & I’m extremely horrible at keeping contact with people due to severe anxiety but besides the point 😂

My boyfriend & I went to go meet up with them. 

The whole car ride over (lmao) & even a few days before, I was “warning” him about some things. 

Him & I were watching a show & the characters started saying grace before they ate 

Me: “babe! My grandparents say grace before they eat…”

Him: “that’s good 🙂”

^^^ an example of how nervous I was, although all of my family is pretty chill. 

Ramble Ramble Ramble I tend to ramble a little too much 

Moving on 😂

Anyway, Sunday rolls around & we’re having breakfast with my grandma & grandpa, they meet Alex (my boyfriend) for the first time, everything is going great. 

Of course, at a certain point in the breakfast my grandma has to say to my boyfriend,

“I’m not bombarding you, but what do you believe”

Dude, she asks me this all the time. My grandparents are super religious (which I’m not saying is a bad thing) but the thing is people have varying beliefs and religions. 

So my boyfriend, obviously ready for the question since I warned him, calmly says,

“I believe more universally, through meditation & the ways of Buddha I understand & become closer to (universe, God, all)” 

Immediately, my grandma says 

“Oh Buddha! That’s scary” 


The point of this story is so that I can explain something. 

When she said that, I realized that past thoughts of mine (some people have only been so… not falsely educated but not educated ENOUGH, they reject/act stubbornly to the ideas/beliefs of others) proved correct. As they have many times before. 

Immediately, my first thought was, why don’t I just tell her the story of Buddha but don’t tell her his name until the end & see what she thinks of this “anonymous” person. Because I bet you hand & foot that people who have closed off their mind to things they think are scary or “satanic” ect, would look at things a lot differently if they had the whole, true story. 

Anyway, I have yet to tell her the story of Buddha because (like I mentioned earlier) I have bad “keeping-in-touch” qualities 😂

Hanging out with them went really well (besides that little conversation) & every time I visit a family member I learn something new. About their life, who they are, everything & anything. It was a good time. 

Message to the readers:

Sometimes we’re put into situations that turns a light on in our minds, & sometimes this causes a loss of words. We think about it later like “damn! I should’ve said this & this” “I should’ve said something!” 

But there is no worries! It is never too late until it is too late! Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind because your mind is a virtue whether you believe so or not ♡ 

As long as we act with pure intentions, only good will come 🙂

If you “missed your chance” to say something or do something, remember you didn’t miss the chance. The chance is always there. Have faith in yourself to make it happen. ♡ 

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading  ((: 

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017 

Goodmorning guys 🌞

You ever set your alarm early so you have extra time before work but as soon as your alarm goes off you don’t give a fuck about having a life, you just wanna have more sleep. That’s been me the past 2 weeks. 

I’m getting super weary of my job & I’m really glad I’m leaving soon to start an amazing job opportunity 🙂

Can’t help but find every annoyance at my work place & that’s a really horrible thing. But it makes me laugh also.

I’m fully ready to do what I want in my life & I know the only thing/person holding me back is me. 

So, I’ve been pushing myself forward for a long while now. 

I’ve been sober for almost a year & recently stopped drinking also. 

My boyfriend & I have switched to no gmo foods & surely want to go vegetarian & then eventually vegan. We are taking better care of our bodies & our minds. The effects are so noticeable, it’s incredible to say the least ♡ 

I just wanted to urge anyone reading this to do what YOU want in your life. People often like to tell us how to live & what to do. Eventually, to better yourself, you have to ignore them. The only resource you need is yourself! And never give up on you! 

Good day guys ❤ 

Stay positive 🙏🕉

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