Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Story Time 🙂 

Those who know me, know I like to tell my stories. Not that they’re fictionous, I just call it story time because I’m telling the story. 

How do I explain this right. 😶

Attempt number 2: I have a strong love for media. Not like celebrity news media (lmao) but movies & tv shows, books, stand up comedy. I love to write & draw & create. So when I’m telling an event that had happened, I call it story time. 

BAM. There it is. Moving on 😂

Anyway, last week my grandparents came into town & I’m extremely horrible at keeping contact with people due to severe anxiety but besides the point 😂

My boyfriend & I went to go meet up with them. 

The whole car ride over (lmao) & even a few days before, I was “warning” him about some things. 

Him & I were watching a show & the characters started saying grace before they ate 

Me: “babe! My grandparents say grace before they eat…”

Him: “that’s good 🙂”

^^^ an example of how nervous I was, although all of my family is pretty chill. 

Ramble Ramble Ramble I tend to ramble a little too much 

Moving on 😂

Anyway, Sunday rolls around & we’re having breakfast with my grandma & grandpa, they meet Alex (my boyfriend) for the first time, everything is going great. 

Of course, at a certain point in the breakfast my grandma has to say to my boyfriend,

“I’m not bombarding you, but what do you believe”

Dude, she asks me this all the time. My grandparents are super religious (which I’m not saying is a bad thing) but the thing is people have varying beliefs and religions. 

So my boyfriend, obviously ready for the question since I warned him, calmly says,

“I believe more universally, through meditation & the ways of Buddha I understand & become closer to (universe, God, all)” 

Immediately, my grandma says 

“Oh Buddha! That’s scary” 


The point of this story is so that I can explain something. 

When she said that, I realized that past thoughts of mine (some people have only been so… not falsely educated but not educated ENOUGH, they reject/act stubbornly to the ideas/beliefs of others) proved correct. As they have many times before. 

Immediately, my first thought was, why don’t I just tell her the story of Buddha but don’t tell her his name until the end & see what she thinks of this “anonymous” person. Because I bet you hand & foot that people who have closed off their mind to things they think are scary or “satanic” ect, would look at things a lot differently if they had the whole, true story. 

Anyway, I have yet to tell her the story of Buddha because (like I mentioned earlier) I have bad “keeping-in-touch” qualities 😂

Hanging out with them went really well (besides that little conversation) & every time I visit a family member I learn something new. About their life, who they are, everything & anything. It was a good time. 

Message to the readers:

Sometimes we’re put into situations that turns a light on in our minds, & sometimes this causes a loss of words. We think about it later like “damn! I should’ve said this & this” “I should’ve said something!” 

But there is no worries! It is never too late until it is too late! Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind because your mind is a virtue whether you believe so or not ♡ 

As long as we act with pure intentions, only good will come 🙂

If you “missed your chance” to say something or do something, remember you didn’t miss the chance. The chance is always there. Have faith in yourself to make it happen. ♡ 

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading  ((: 


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