Monday, March 27th 2017 

Weekends are usually “boyfriend days”. Technically, everyday is a boyfriend day since Alex & I live together. But on weekdays, our days together get separated half way through for work. 

Weekends are obviously my favorite. We spend every second together. We get all our errands done with time to spare for fun ♡ 

That being said, I’m usually pretty inactive over the weekend. & I like it that way. The only time I’m ever on my phone is when I’m bored by myself. When I’m with Alex, I forget about my phone completely. 

Just wanted to take my blog writing today & turn it into an appreciation post. 

I’m extremely grateful for the things the universe has brought into my life. My relationship with Alex is my most prized possession. I know it’s taboo but he is my best friend as well as my lover. I’ve never had someone I’ve trusted so much. Someone who put me first above all else. Someone who viewed me as their life partner. Someone who would do anything for me. Someone who not only looked out for me but he looks out for us. 

I look at him & I know I’m home. No matter where we are, if he’s by my side I know I’m home. 

He has opened my eyes to everything. He keeps me sane. He saved me from myself. 

I don’t think these words do justice for the impact he’s had on me & my life. But if I could write or talk for years & years & years… I’m not so sure I could get into enough depth to explain our love. 

Thankyou universe for this gift. I love him ♡ 

Message to the readers: 

We often hear that we should write down or mentally tell ourselves what we are grateful for everyday. 

I’m here to say YES DO IT! 

If we can practice gratefulness for every aspect of our day, we see the world for as it is… beautiful. Life starts to get happier, we start to see clearer. Things don’t anger or frustrate us as easily & hardly as often. 

Take your path & guide yourself! 

You know what you need! Always remember to say thankyou ♡ 

Remember you are appreciated & you are unique ♡ 

Happy day everyone 🌞 

Thankyou for reading 🐞


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