Friday, March 31st 2017 

Good afternoon guys 🌞 

This is a little practice writing from my Creative Journal ♡ 

Not that I’m an artist or that my drawings are good but I really enjoy making my own unique, abstract art 👽

I love that just like everyone else, I have my own originality. To me, gratefulness & compassion are the greatest traits to have ♡ 

The word “vibes” isn’t just a cool slang word to me. It hits home to certain parts of me. Vibes are everywhere. It is theorized that everything in reality is a vibration. Vibe explains music, soul, thoughts, feelings. It’s an amazing expression to describe these things. 

I could go on forever about vibes 😂

Anyway guys, I hope everyone has a great Friday ♡ 

Remember, stay true to you! 💕🕉

Thankyou for reading 🙏🌌


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