Thursday, April 13th 2017 

Good Afternoon guys 🌞

I found this photo quote on instagram & it immediately struck me. I don’t usually like super personal quotes like this… I usually post more broad, universal quotes just because they apply to everyone directly. But this one I really liked because I have a message for it 💕 

Everyone, everywhere has been hurt. & it’s funny I came across this today because this morning my boyfriend & I were talking about this. 

The context of our conversation went around the lines of: “We all have a driven purpose” (or main goal) in life. During this conversation I explained to Alex about my new job & how it’s cool everyone says hello & goodmorning to everyone. Even if they’ve never met them. I explained that random coworkers come up to me everyday and shake my hand & introduce themselves to me. They ask me questions & give advice. For me personally, I have NEVER experienced things like this happening in my work environment but I love it. It’s such an open place of help & teaching. Just a whole new world for me 💕 

So anyway, I explained to Alex that no matter where I’m going (to the bathroom, to training class, to my locker, ect) I keep a smile on my face, & say hello to everyone. 

Since a certian point of my life, I developed a very severe anxiety disorder (diagnosed) which mostly affected me socially. So to rephrase, I have severe social anxiety. This job has helped me 10 fold to conquer my anxieties! 

Back to the point (lol), Alex already knows this but in our conversation this morning I reiterated that my complete goal in my spiritual path is to spread kindness & compassion. Here in this work place, I am learning exactly how to express/initiate this! It’s amazing! I’m working with a very large company with A LOT of employees & so it’s pretty different than what I’m used to (working in a very small work environment, with very little interaction with customers & employees). So I’m very happy 🙏🕉 

When I saw this photo it hit home because it’s exactly why I have chosen as a spiritual path or “driven purpose” to be spread kindness & compassion. People deal with enough in their lives. They do not need another rude & negative person hindering their growth or damaging their successes. 

Everyone has been torn down time & time again. Everyone has trust issues. Everyone has a path. I’ve chosen to build others up because everyone deserves it in my eyes. Everyone deserves a friendly interaction. Everyone deserves to feel safe. And I believe this strongly. 

As I grow, I learn new things. And as a question gets answered a whole world of possibilities arises. I’m so excited to continue my adventure 🌌🙏💕

Message to the readers: 

I apologize if today’s post dragged on. But I really wanted to spread a message to you guys so smile & be friendly in your interactions with others as much as possible. You never know what someone is actually going through in their life… let’s be kind 🕉🌌🙏


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